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I work with evidence-based approaches to couples counselling, including Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). EFT proposes that human emotions have an innately adaptive potential that, if activated, can help clients change problematic emotional states or unwanted self-experiences. Emotions are connected to our most essential needs, and this is why a focus on emotions is a common factor in psychotherapy. Through effectively managing our emotions, we can heal & change.

  • EFT is collaborative and respectful of clients
  • Change strategies and interventions are specified through the process
  • EFT has been validated by over 20 years of empirical research
  • EFT for couples is based on conceptions of marital distress and love that are supported by empirical research on the nature of adult attachment.

Emotionally focused therapy draws on person-centred therapy, a non-directive approach to treatment in which people often gain a better self-understanding through speaking to a therapist who listens carefully and empathically. Emotionally focused therapy expands on techniques from person-centred therapy and uses a scientifically validated theory of adult bonding to help couples understand not only their own emotions but also how back-and-forth patterns of emotional reactions operate in and affect relationships. Yes, this means talking about emotions! But it also provides practical techniques for change.