First time to counselling?

It is normal for people who have
not tried counselling before to
wonder what it will be like.

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Counselling Services

I work with evidence-based
approaches to therapy, including
Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).

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Why people avoid counselling

Top 5 Reasons People
Avoid Counselling, do
you feel this way?

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Welcome to Blake Anderson Therapy

I am a Bywong / Bungendore based Psychotherapist and Counsellor providing counselling services and have been practicing for over ten years working with individuals and couples in an effort to help them feel better about themselves and each other.

I specialise in providing counselling services and psychotherapy to people wanting to improve their current situation, feel better and achieve real change.

In our sessions together we will not just talk about change – you will learn how to change. My philosophy, and what separates my services from others, is that a person’s learning has to be fully embodied to last – that a person needs a real experience of change for that change to become permanent. It is this experience that I am committed to offering my clients.